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What You Get:

Live Weekly Mentorship Call
(Mondays Every Week @ 7:00 PM)

1st Monday Every Month:  

2nd Monday Every Month:  

3rd Monday Every Month

4th Monday Every Month:  

5th Monday Longer Months:  

Live call with Director & SAG-AFTRA working
Actor Bernard Glincosky showing you 
exactly what to do to succeed in acting right where you are now.

There will be specific steps to follow and the accountability you need to follow through on everything.
Understanding the local acting market is key to booking roles here as well as moving into the New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles markets.
In addition to gaining the support, motivation, direct teaching and mentorship within these calls you will also have a chance to ask questions and confront any challenges that arise along your journey.  
There will be specific techniques and methods provided that are simply not found in any other acting classes or schools in this area.
(see testimonial videos)

How to gain and keep confidence, audition correctly, agents, managers, headshots, resumes, etc. will all be covered and much more...
Plus Special Industry Guests

Curriculum Covered On Live Monthly Mentorship Calls
(Topics Taught Live & Recordings Provided)

  • How To Start With Your Best Creative Focus 

  • Daily Exercises For Success As An Actor 

  • Establishing Your Career Targets Correctly

  • Understanding The Story

  • Creating Your Character

  • Responsibilities Of The Professional Actor 

  • How To Build Confidence To Own The Room

  • How To Book Auditions & How To Find Them

  • When/How To Get An Agent or Manager 

  • Union vs. Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA

  • Picking The Best Monologue/s For Your Self-Tape Audition 

  • Setting Up Your Self-Tape Audition

  • Submitting Your Self-Tape Audition To Casting 



Plus Membership To Our Private Facebook Group

  • Community & Support

  • Special Casting & Audition Notices 

  • Extra Live Videos 

  • Dedicated Network Of Actors 


Plus All Access To A Special Digital Video Library

That Gives You The Opportunity To Look Over The Shoulder Inside Actual Classes Covering Every Topic You Need To Succeed As An Actor & More..
Responsibilities Of The Professional Actor
(40 + Videos, New Content Added Monthly)
Individual Video Class Training Topics Below:

​Career Targets, Creative Focus Exercise, Story vs. Character, How To Do A First Read, Daily Exercises, Actor's Business, Script Analysis 1 & 2, Character Analysis, How To Improv, Creating A Place, How To Do Proper Research On Your Character, 

Sense Memory, Emotional Recall, Enhancing Your Imagination, Making Bold Choices, The Moment Before, Relaxation, Professional Behavior On-Set, Planning Your Career, Blocking & Hitting Your Marks, Mastering Emotional Stamina, Actors Sound, Mastering Concentration & Focus, How To Set Up The Best Self-Tape Audition, The Fastest & Easiest Way To Learn Lines 


Exclusive Mentorship Calls 
(70 + Videos, New Content Added Monthly)
Individual Mentorship Call Topics Below:

Seeding Technique, How To Tap Into Your Natural Actor Instincts, Attitude, Convenience vs. Unstoppable, Taking Your Moment & Creating Transitions, Right Way To Start As An Actor So You Can Book Principal Speaking Roles, How To Become An Action Taker, Understanding Ego & Self-Image, Creating Your Character With Your Body, How To Create Real Progress WIth Accountability & Tracking, How To Best Direct Your Energy For Success In Acting, Audition Secrets, How To Get Agents & Mangers Asking To Represent You, In-depth Thematic Coding, The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself, The Kaizen of Acting, Joining SAG-AFTRA, Who, Where, Why, When, What, How, Mastering Emotional Energy, How To Increase Your Productivity Fast, The Training Balance Scale, The Preeminent Actor/Actress, Live Casting Call, Special Industry Guest, Open Forum, Six Words Of Advice, Contracts & Getting Paid, Union vs. Non-Union, How To Be More Creative, Marketing Yourself, How To Prepare Like A Pro, The Wake, Achieving Self-Actualization As An Actor, Resume Formatting, Getting Paid What Your Worth, Negotiating, Maximizing Meditation, Understanding Time, The Art Of Discipline, How To Release Negative Feelings, Finding True Happiness With Acting, How To Do Things In A Certain Way, Feng Shui Energy Balance, Powerful Questions To Ask, How To Cultivate Patience & How It Leads To Your Success, How To Pick Monologues,  How To Best Appear In Your Headshot, Building Trust In YourSelf & Others, Consistency, Sam Berns, 7-Day Challenge, Accountability, The Mastermind, Perfectionism, How To Organize, How To Know Your Type, How To Make The Best Decisions For Your Career, The Law Of Advancement, The Learning Curve & How Knowledge Works, Hustle, How To Create A Belief, The Art Of Allowing, How To Master Persistence, Review Of The Creative Focus Exercise, Creating Your Acting Goals With The Most Powerful & Correct Intention

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