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We have helped thousands of new actors get started the right way...


Discover The Most Powerful Way To Get Started Now As An Actor

Exclusive Coaching Program For Those That Want To Get Started In Acting.
*Casting Considerstion Is Given To All Current Students In Our On-Going Classes.

Learn Exactly How To Break Into Acting Fast

-Includes Weekly Live Coaching & 1 on 1 Personal Coaching & Mentorship 
-Trusted Since 2009 To Help Actors Book Their First Role & And Much More...
-Many Of Our Alumni Comment; This Training Is The Most Effective & Best They've Experienced


In Addition To Performing & Live Critique You Will Also Be Provided All Of The Fundamentals Of Acting.

This Includes All Access To A Video Library Of Over 100 Videos That You Can Watch Outside Of Live Class.

Beginning Your Acting Journey The Right Way

  • How To Overcome The Fear Of Not Making It 

  • The Secrets To Doing Your Best Work Every Time

  • How To Create Laser Focus On Your Acting Goals & Stay 100% Motivated  

  • Creating An Unstoppable Attitude That Brings You Success As An Actor 

Increasing Your Confidence & Self Esteem

  • What To Do Everyday To Achieve Unstoppable Confidence

  • How To Use Any Nervous Energy You Feel To Your Advantage

  • How To Feel Good Performing In Front Of People All The Time

  • How To Eliminate Doubts, Insecurities, Overcome Fear & Gain Self-Assurance Forever

  • Specific Exercises To Enhance Your Thinking & Self Image & Get Taken Seriously As An Actor

  • Picking Your Monologue 

Accessing & Expressing Your Emotions Fully

  • How To Become Completely Open & Vulnerable

  • How To Know Your Doing It Right & How To Understand What That Feels Like

  • Initial Read Of Your Monologue

How To Connect, Build, and Develop Characters That Everyone Remembers 

  • Where To Start 

  • How To Get Deep Into Your Character 

  • Simple Way To Memorize Your Lines & Never Forget Them

  • First Take


  • How To Feel Natural & Not Like Your Acting When You Read A Script 

  • Responsibilities Of The Professional Actor Checklist

  • Practice Audition & Rehearsals

  • Speaking Roles vs. Lead Roles, Background 

  • Second Take 

Where To Find Auditions & Secrets To Getting Cast 

  • What The Producers & Directors Are Really Looking For

  • Learn The Questions You Will Be Asked At Auditions And
    How To Answer Them So Your Never Caught Off Guard

  • Mastering Your Auditions

  • How To Get Experience & Your First Paid Speaking Role

  • Self-Tapes: All Elements Of Proper Set Up

  • Final Take 

Help With Your Resume, Headshot, Reel, Creating Your Acting Profile
Landing Agents & Managers

  • Best Format For An Acting Resume, Where To Get Your Headshot Taken, What To Pay

  • Understanding Your Type 

  • SAG-AFTRA Franchised ONLY 

  • When & How To Join The Professionals Actors Union/Stay Non-Union

  • Secret Skill To Master Networking Anywhere

Help With Anything You Need To Book Your First Role 

  • Audition Prep, Self-Tape Rehearsal

  • Career Strategy, Relocation Plan, Networking Opportunity

  • Personal Guidance With Agents, Managers, Projects, Unions

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