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One-on-one Acting Coach & Mentorship

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1 on 1 Personal Coaching & Mentorship is the fastest and most effective way to get better at acting.  


Many of the stars you see today had a 1 on 1 Personal Mentor & Coach at the start of their careers and still do today.  This is the exact way I got ahead myself.  All of the insiders in Hollywood know that if you want to accelerate your success - hire a personal coach & mentor.


During our 1 on 1 sessions we can pinpoint with extreme focus what you need to work on to be completely natural as an actor.  Its different for everyone as we all have different life experiences and see the world through different lenses. 

Many actors/influencers also choose 1 on 1 Personal Coaching & Mentorship with me inorder to practice auditions and learn how to book roles now.


I am currently taking on limited new 1 on 1 clients.

Email for availability and current rate.

Put "1 on 1" in the subject.

Thank you,


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