Please print, read, complete and return the following Release Form on your first day of camp:

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The goal of our acting camps is to help each student realize his or her own greatness. When a person is free to truly be themselves their unique creative genius shines through!

Lead teachers for the camp are well established professional teachers/actors/directors with decades of combined experience specifically working with children and teens.
* Listening Games * Voice Games * Story Telling * Improvisation
* Movement * Special Projects * Bonding Activities

Our week long summer camps are designed to build character and social skills through performance activities, group dynamics and fun using theater arts as a vehicle.  We will help students overcome their inhibitions and develop group cohesion and trust. We will teach them how to build friendships by engaging them in the process of learning through improvisational exercises and learning each others names.  They will develop sensory and concentration skills. Each student will establish connections between objects, places and people with and without the use of speech and concrete objects.  Lastly they will use their bodies and faces to communicate meaning and feelings, experienced through the dynamics of theater.

6757 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119