...a little comedy, a little drama

This 8-week class will explore the basics of improvisation and focus on the art from both a comedic and dramatic viewpoint.  Participants will learn how to think outside of the box, be in the moment, accept the offer and think more quickly on their feet.

In addition to the more familiar comedic improv structure, students will explore dramatic improvisation and engage in sociodramatic exercises.

Level: Beginners to Intermediate


"Sharon is a fantastic acting instructor. She ensures that every students feels safe, welcome and appreciated. Sharon's enthusiasm is infectious and every class is not only a new adventure, but a joy to attend. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your techniques to improve the training we conduct for our more than 90,000 employees. Whether you have the 'acting bug', want to gain more confidence with public speaking, or just have fun, TAKE SHARON'S CLASS!"

Dave Ferrier
Instructional Designer


"You're a great teacher and you know how to create an interactive non-judgmental environment by encouraging your students to be more. I will definitely plan on taking another class with you in the future."

Timothy Ward


"I just wanted to thank you for what you said, always for what you do. I really loved the class! It feels great taking more chances. What a stick-in-the-mud I was! True mark of a good teacher - patience!!!"

Sheila Weinstein


"Working with you has given me more confidence in my improv skills. Thank you for the open and safe atmosphere you provide in your workshops!"

Maggy Keegan


"Thank you for the wonderful experiences I had in your classes. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it!"

Debra Schroeder Thompson


"You're my fave improv teacher in the world, Sharon!"

Thomas Roy
PA. Renaissance Faire Productions

Sharon Geller

Sharon Geller just returned from Israel where she taught an improv workshop for Tel Aviv Improv.  She has been teaching and performing improvisation for almost 20 years. Her appearances in radio & TV commercials have garnered a Telly Award, an Addy Award and Best Commercial of 2012.

In addition, her credits include:

 * 3 appearances on Saturday Night Live

* Winner of the Manhattan Monologue Slam for best monologue in NYC

* Performed as 'Lucy' on the TODAY SHOW with Al Roker

* Member of MC Hammerstein, the musical improv house team at People's Improv Theatre