The studio operates on a month-to-month agreement  for classes.  You may attend up to twice a week. There is an Intro/Fundamentals with Additional Exercises on Tuesdays 7:00-10:00pm and Scene Study/Monologues on Mondays 7:00-10:00pm.  Membership is $200.00 per month or every 4 weeks.  The first step is to Schedule Your Class Audit. After successful completion of a class audit you will meet with TPAS  Director, Bernard Glincosky.  At that time all questions will be answered and you will be offered the option of membership if there is a good fit. 
*Please note our classes are for 18yrs old and above.

INTRO SCENE STUDY: Our ongoing classes have been designed to further develop the actor's inner abilities and skills of analysis, characterization and partnering as it relates to performing in a scene on stage or on-camera. Our classes are very interactive and are presented in an intensely supportive environment. Acting warmups, games, improv activities, along with two-person and group scene work facilitate the analysis of script, characters, and individual strengths. The classes are focused on teaching what you need to know to get work as an actor.

ADVANCED ON-CAMERA: This course offers instruction and practice in the basics of acting for the camera and will assist students in making the transition from the theatre to the screen. It will introduce student’s to on-camera performance in various genres, and will address the technical requirements of Film & TV acting; such as playing to the camera, shooting out of sequence, blocking, and other production considerations. The course includes significant on-camera scene work, character development, audition techniques, and script analysis. Through exercises and scene study, this course will familiarize students with on-camera acting techniques and expand each performer's range of emotional, intellectual, physical, and vocal expressiveness for the camera.